The Malinois Ranch Rescue has fosters located across the United States. This gives us the ability to respond quickly to the needs of a rescue dog needing immediate assistance. These dogs come to the Ranch in various ways: some are from shelters, some are found as strays and an owner cannot be located, some come from non-breed specific rescues, and others are owner surrenders.

Fosters are approved by the Ranch prior to a dog being placed in their home. Once a dog is placed with a foster it is the responsibility of the foster to care for their needs, physical and emotional. First they will address any health issues and provide appropriate veterinary care. As soon as the dog is given a clean bill of health from a veterinarian, the rehabilitation process can begin. It is up to the foster to evaluate the dog or contact a professional trainer for assistance. Determining specific training needs will help in the rehabilitation process to ensure the success of the rescue. The Ranch also has a network of very experienced members that can be consulted. Once this is done the work starts on the rehabilitation process which could include socializing, basic obedience, correcting unwanted behavior and redirecting into a positive behavior. When the foster feels confident that the dog can be successful in a new home a final evaluation is done, a bio is given to the Ranch, and the adoption process begins.

Please know that the application process from start to finish can take a few days to a few weeks, as MRR is operated solely by our volunteers in their spare time. Please practice patience as we work to get you approved. You will be contacted once a decision is made on your application.

The Ranch pays all vet bills, and will cover shelter pull fees, food, transport, and boarding if needed. Fosters are responsible for treats, toys, and the like.

“Since I have been fostering for the Ranch I have experienced many challenges.  Rehabilitating the difficult dog who didn’t want to mind but now has earned an AKC obedience title.  Feeling the satisfaction of a successful rescue adopted to a wonderful home is bittersweet.  But, I have also had heartbreak for the one I couldn’t save, but I take solace that on my watch he was taken care of and loved.  And yes, I will continue on and do it again tomorrow to help those that cannot help themselves.”

-Dana Farris

The Board of Directors shall make all final decisions on adoption/foster applications, and reserves the right to rescind any decision for breach of contract.

Please read this before applying: Application Process

Ready to foster? Find the application here: