If you are interested in adopting from MRR, please complete the application linked below and email it to We require veterinarian references, personal references, and a home check by one of our board members or extensive network of volunteers. If we have no one available to perform the home check, we can arrange for a Skype video conference. We will do our best to match you with the appropriate dog for your family's wants and needs. We will not place a dog based strictly on appearance (i.e. color), although we will keep your preferences in mind.


Please know that the process from start to finish can take a few days to a few weeks, as MRR is operated solely by our volunteers in their spare time. Please practice patience as we work to get you approved. You will be contacted once a decision is made on your application.

Due to the high drive and constant need for exercise and stimulation, we ask that you study the breed carefully and speak to owners, handlers, and trainers to learn as much as possible prior to adopting. Social media has some excellent groups dedicated to the breed. Be prepared to invest the time needed to train and exercise your dog. Research dog clubs and trainers in your area to assist you.

If a puppy is adopted before the appropriate spay/neuter age, our policy is to collect a spay/neuter deposit which will be refunded upon veterinary certification.

You will need to arrange for transport of your dog to your home state. We can recommend a caring pet transporter if you wish. In some cases if you can not afford transport fees, we may be able to arrange transport by our Transport Team consisting of volunteers. We are a nationwide rescue and make every effort to honor nationwide adoptions.

Adopters are required to sign a humane treatment agreement. We require dogs to be returned to us if adopters fail to uphold the agreement, or if an adoption fails for some unforeseen reason. Under no circumstances is the dog to go to any shelter. Transport back to MRR will be arranged.

There is an adoption fee of $350 for all adult dogs.  The adoption fee for puppies is $450 and will get $100 back after proof of spay/neuter.

If you have any questions about the application process or need assistance in completing the application please contact us at

The Board of Directors shall make all final decisions on adoption/foster applications, and reserves the right to rescind any decision for breach of contract.

Please read this before applying: Application Process

Ready to adopt? Find the application here: